Granola Recipe

Granola Recipe

This classic granola recipe is the perfect way to get a daily dose of fibre and protein, and is the greatest picker-upper during a difficult day at work or between workouts. Classic granola recipe: 4 cups of oatmeal This granola recipe uses old-fashioned oats, not the instant variety. Let’s go back to grandma’s kitchen. 3...+

Detox Teas

Detox Teas Fitness Fan

If you have been wondering whether such a tea is the right thing for you, here is more information about what this sort of tea may do in your body, what it is made of, and any health concerns or benefits of note. First, it is important to always consult your primary physician before starting...+

The REAL bikini diet


Perfected fat loss takes consistency, determination and preparation. Anyone with the right mind set, will power and focus can achieve their desired outcome and will accomplish their goal if they put their mind to it! I started writing this blog 6 weeks out from competing in my first ever bikini competition (UKDFBA – Ladies Bikini...+

Multipower Whey Isolate Protein


The protein powder in question is MultiPower’s Whey Isolate protein. At £67.99 for a 1.59kg bag, this is certainly a more expensive protein powder, and much more than the equivalent product from the likes of MyProtein. So, is the extra cost worth it? In a word, yes. When I received this product, I had only...+