London River Rat Race Review

London River Rat Race Review - Fitness Fan Blog

London River Rat Race Review Two of our event trial go getters experienced the sheer wet delight a few weeks back as they faced the muddy, slippery and fear frightening event of the ‘River Rat Race’ in London. Our two participants are of a brilliant fitness standard and couldn’t wait to conquer this slimy yet...+

National Fitness Day Preview

National Fitness Day Preview - Fitness Fan

National Fitness Day Preview Put a note in your diary, September 26th is officially National Fitness Day! Obviously were just that little bit keen on fitness here at Fitness Fan so anything that can promote fitness & exercise to a wider audience as possible gets our vote. So, what is National Fitness Day? Put simply...+

Transition from Fat Loss Diet to Bulking

Transition from Fat Loss Diet to Bulking - Fitness Fan

Transition from Fat Loss Diet to Bulking The concept of ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’ is often misunderstood in regards to building a better physique. The traditional (and wrong) belief is that you spend x amount of months piling on weight. You lift super heavy. Eat as much as you can. Neglect cardio. Grow. After I competed...+

Tom Tom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch

TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch Fitness Fan Blog

Tom Tom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch -  Tom Tom famed for it’s car navigation tech has now entered the personal fitness market & is quickly making a name for itself against such stalwarts as Garmin & Polar. Earlier this year Tom Tom released two new personal GPS devices, the entry level Tom Tom Runner &...+

Fartlek Training

Fartlek Training Fitness Fan Blog

Fartlek Training Since running the Brighton Marathon earlier on in the year I’ve shied away from my running training, as some of ou might be aware running that kind of distance & the pain& aching that is involved before, during & definitely after tends to put you off doing anymore running for a while! One...+