Lorna Jane at House of Fraser Female Gym Gear

Loran Jane Womens Gym Gear

I recently was lucky enough to try out the popular and dashing Lorna Jane Sportswear. Lorna Jane is specific to House of Fraser in the UK and was first established in Australia. Lorna Jane Clarkson started off her brand ‘Lorna Jane’ 25 years ago when she single-handedly revolutionised women’s fitness clothing and began building the...+


Paleo Bar Review – Protein Active

Paleo Bar - Fitness Fan

By now we’ve all heard of the low-carb, Paleolithic diet. The “Paleo” craze isn’t exactly new; the idea of confining diets to foods available in pre-agricultural days has been knocking about for some time. It’s not the easiest of diets to follow though, with only a few foods allowed in the mix – meats, fish,...+

Sugar is making you fat!

Sugar is fat - Fitness Fan

Let’s make it simple – in layman’s terms when we eat sugar it causes our blood sugar levels to spike which in turn causes insulin levels to rise. Now insulin is a hormone that is used to control blood sugar levels and therefore is released by the body to help regulate these levels in the...+


PHD Review

phd 2

As women, our health and fitness goals tend to be different to men’s and therefore our nutritional requirements also need to differ in order for us to succeed. The PhD woman range is an exciting tailored assortment of nutritional shakes, capsules and bars that have been specifically developed for women. PhD’s moto is to aid...+


Today’s misunderstood ‘healthy’ foods

Healthy Food gone wrong!

Being continuously surrounded by insanely persuading adverts trying to lure you into a fake sense of security with pretending their healthy food or  new muesli is ‘low in fat’ and ‘the healthiest on the shelf’, has caused many of us to be tricked into thinking these new products are ‘healthy’. In today’s world we are...+