Protein Breakfasts

Protien Brekfast

Having a regular protein intake is important. Proteins makes a person healthy since they improve the body metabolism. Having a high protein breakfast is a remarkable way to commence a day. Proteins enables a person to remain active and not become hungry within short periods. This makes them excellent partners for people undergoing a weight...+

Matt Price Interview


Name: Matt Price Nickname: Matt Age: 32 Height: 5’9″ Weight: 74kg Sponsored by: Gymbeing and KillerPhysiquePhotography Twitter: @mattpriceo Facebook: Instagram: mattpricey When did you first start training? I started training when I was 16 and have trained regularly since then.  I have taken training much more seriously in the last few years though, using...+

Hell Runner! – Should you be scared?

Hell Runner Main

Mud runs have become extremely popular over the last few years thanks to the British Special Forces creating exhilarating obstacles seen in such events as ‘Tough Mudder’, ‘Spartan Race’ and ‘Rat Race Dirty Weekend’. However, it now seems that lots of new events are jumping on this ‘mud’ run band wagon and making a lot...+

Jabra Sport Wireless Plus Headphones

Jabra Sport Wireless Plus Headphones

Jabra Sport Wireless Plus Headphones – Product Review I was offered the opportunity to try out the Jabra Sport Wireless Plus Headphones (Jabra Sports Wireless + for short). As the name implies the headphones are designed for those actively into sports & training being both rain, sweat & dust  resistant as well as being shock proof....+