Today’s misunderstood ‘healthy’ foods

Healthy Food gone wrong!

Being continuously surrounded by insanely persuading adverts trying to lure you into a fake sense of security with pretending their healthy food or  new muesli is ‘low in fat’ and ‘the healthiest on the shelf’, has caused many of us to be tricked into thinking these new products are ‘healthy’. In today’s world we are...+

1PercentMore Challenge with Spogo

#1PercentMore Challenge

1PercentMore Challenge with Spogo I’ve  been asked to take on the #1PercentMore challenge with the smart new way to find sports & fitness activities. The idea of the 1 Percent More challenge is to encourage people from all fitness levels & backgrounds to actively participate in a more healthier  lifestyle for just 15 minutes a...+

7 Fat Burning Brain Boosting Super Foods

What should you really be eating? Fitness Fan

7 Fat Burning, Brain Boosting Super Foods we all need in our lives! Avocado – This power fruit is full of healthy monounsaturated fats, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Don’t be put off by the words fat or fatty acids as these mighty cholesterol fighting nutrients increase blood flow to the brain and...+