4 Digital Fitness Trends for the Next 5 Years


What does fitness  look like in 5 years? Tech Tech and more Tech. Gym wear that speaks to your phone? Health clubs that digitally track your performance? I don’t know about you, but were insanely excited about the future of fitness – the possibilities of innovation in smart fitness products seem virtually endless. I mean,...+

Yoga in the Mornings : The Magic Hour


“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.” –Rumi There is that magic hour in the morning just as dawn breaks. In that hour, there’s stillness to the morning that peaks as the sun arises.  The energy is softer somehow. If you manage to roll out of bed while...+

The Protein Works Protein Cookies

Full of 37g of protein and with an optimal balance of low GI carbs, TPW (The Protein Works) protein cookies are a clear winner for this seasons taste buds. With innovative natural flavours these protein cookies are perfect for pre or post workout or just as a simple snack to keep you going throughout the...+



Metaburn fat burner, is definitely a great supplement for getting rid of that extra weight and helping you shift that unwanted fat. I have been asked to trial these and was surprised within the first few days. Metaburn contains a combination of the most powerful biologically active ingredients that aid weight loss. As the saying...+