Jujutsu is the parent art of both judo and Brazilian “jiu-jitsu”, and if you’re trying to decide which form is right for you, it might be good to know what to expect and a little about the roots of each. Back in the Day Humans have been grappling with one another for almost as long...+


BodyPower 2016

Body Expo 2016

Conquering the worlds fitness expo’s one year at a time! Over 90,000 of you fitness enthusiasts turned up to BodyPower this year; a record number for the 7th year, BodyPower is surely becoming THE biggest fitness expo’s in Europe! Whilst I was busy ‘fan girling’ away over Paige Hathaway, Nikki Blackketter, Michelle Lewin, and Heidi...+

James Sutliff Interview

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Name: James Sutliff Nickname: Sutty Age: 31 Height: 6ft Weight: 14st 10 Sponsored by: Whole Gym. Ambassador Athlete: Skinny Chimp, Prep Perfect, UFIT Drinks. Twitter: @james_sutliff84 Website: James Sutliff Personal Trainer and Disability Specialist Instagram: @James_sutliff When did you first start training? From the age of 17 I started going gym. I went gym because I was...+

Motion Nutrition Protein


I had been intrigued by introducing myself to protein supplements for a little while, as I have become more active through running. As my fitness levels have increased, my drive to exercise more has also increased, resulting in a few aches, pains and stiffness. I was also training for Tough Mudder and the Vitality Run...+

Cycling for the Disabled


 What Opportunities Are There? Bikes are one of the most adaptable types of sporting equipment on the market. Tricycles, companion cycles, recumbent bikes, hand cycles, tandems… There are hundreds of different options out there for cyclists of any ability. Cycling with a disability isn’t unrealistic. After its introduction into the Paralympics in 1844, its popularity...+