Federica Gianni Interview

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Name: Federica Gianni Nickname: Kikka Age: 36 Height: 171 Weight: 65kg Sponsored by: Multipower . Brand ambassador : Fitness First UK, Yogangsters, Dr V Wong, Prepped & Packed, Slendertone.  Twitter: @kikka_g When did you first start training? My background is in dance, I started ballet when I was 5 years old. I am also Karate...+

4 Quick and Healthy Meals

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Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s time to take control of your diet. Eating nutritious foods is essential if you want ot maintain the right body weight, and have lots of energy to boot. In today’s busy world, we all have so much to do that creating complex healthy meals is a near impossible...+

Emotional Banking

Emotional banking

Investing in relationships to maintain a healthy bank balance In order to maintain healthy relationships with those around us, it’s useful to understand the concept of ‘Emotional Banking’. Essentially, you have an ‘emotional bank account’ with your friends and family members, which you’re investing in over time. When you give love, validation and reassurance you...+

Vitality Life & Health Insurance

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Be fit, be healthy and be covered!  As a homeowner, husband and father of one its vitally important that we are financially protected in the event of injury, illness and death; we couldn’t survive without either our incomes and our future would be very bleak financially if one of us were to pass away, so...+


Nick Salapatas Interview | PTGAINZDAILY | Fitness Fan


Name: Nick Salapatas Nickname: PT Gainz Daily Age : 26 Height : 1,78 Weight : 76 kg Twitter: @nikosalapatas Instagram: ptgainzdaily When did you first start training? I first started training in the gym when I was 16 however I’ve played football professionally from the age of 18-26. How often do you train? I train...+


Inner Conflict


Being at war with yourself One of the funniest things about us as humans, is the capacity we have to cause trouble for ourselves. Whether it be as simple as not thinking before we speak, to something more extreme like infidelity and deceit. But across the board, we have the capacity to land ourselves in...+