Fit4Home SSJK-26 Treadmill Review

Fit4Home SSJK-26 Treadmill Review. X-Lite Next Gen, 1300W

When my friend saw me struggling to lose weight for years and suggested the Fit4Home SSJK-26 treadmill, I was hesitant to purchase it at first and felt if I don’t need something like that at home. He insisted and brought me to a local department store to  check it out and now I’m ready to give my feedback which I have already used for two weeks now.


Fit4home is a popular mid-range brand that is known for its simple but high-quality equipment. This next generation treadmill has a wide selection of workout options such as 99 pre-set interval training programs and 10 quick speeds for brief distances with a maximum speed that could reach up to 14km/hr. Standard USB and hi-fi speaker options and responsive touchscreens are also available. It’s designed primarily for people who like simple and straightforward features.

Because it easily folds up, this is perfect for rooms with limited spaces such as apartments, condominiums or small houses. It can be easily tilted back so you can store it perfectly in corners. Take note that the machine is pretty heavy and weighs 120 kgs or 18.5 stones.


Compared to other brands, Fit4Home SSJK-26 is one of the most affordable treadmills in the market. Some higher brands can shoot up to 1000 punds. Usually, it costs 399 pounds in regular prices, but right now, a discounted price of 199.99 pounds can be found in Amazon.


The really cool thing about Fit4Home SSJK-26 Next Gen Treadmill is it can be assembled in 4 easy steps using only 5 screws to connect. This is brilliant if you are someone who does not check the manuals and wants to use it right away. The packaging is also brilliant which comes with a free exercise tool.

The incline level with 3 options to choose from is also good which you can set manually at your own pace.The speed buttons are also accessible on the hand rail and you don’t have to lean forward to change the settings.

The biggest point I could give is the customer service they have. They are very responsive and my requests for a replacement was granted in no time.


I’d imagine that for a pretty nifty price for treadmills, you’d definitely get what you pay for. Though there a lot of good points, there are some small things I am not optimistic about.

For big guys who weigh more than 70 kg., it could not be wide enough for you. At times, I find it narrow and keeps my feet from coming off the treadmill. The cup holder seems to be too small as well because my bottle keeps falling off the track every time I set the running mode. The hi-fi speakers tend to be cracky at times and does not sound well enough to pump up some music.

If you are a well-trained athlete or a serious gym buff, I would think twice before considering buying one. This is a good alternative to high-priced treadmills but not a good one if used for longer hours.


If you’re looking for something that can carry heavy people and can withstand the load for a certain period of time, XM-PROIII has a powerful motor tool with 1100W, larger running surface and more advanced features for a greater workout experience.

Final Conclusion

Finding that fits your budget and exercise needs seem to be a daunting task. But if affordability and good quality are your priority, then Fit4Home SSJK-26 is a good choice for any first-timers or modest gym enthusiast to include in their everyday workout routine. It is a great value for money with a combination of solid features such as easy keeping, user-friendly assembly and good customer service. The main downside to the treadmill is the  durability and the kind of material it used, so this is not a good option for a more experienced treadmill user.

Overall, this is a good machine and I would still recommend this. And honestly speaking, with a price three times lesser than other brands, I think that’s so much savings you get.

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